Exolon Group: New look for Axpet® and Vivak®

Pullheim, Germany/ Tielt, Belgium, 13.01.2021 (PresseBox) – New year – new design: The Exolon Group brands Axpet® and Vivak® have had their typography aligned with the Exolon corporate design.
The visual makeover of Axpet® and Vivak® is part of the Exolon Group’s comprehensive brand change campaign for 2021, covering the brands of all product lines.
The products themselves have not changed: Axpet® and Vivak® are transparent or translucent polyester and copolyester solid sheets, whose easy formability makes even sophisticated three-dimensional ideas possible.
Vivak® sheets are made of PETG raw material. They are lightweight, high break resistant and have excellent transparency. Vivak® is also weather-resistant and UV-stable, depending on the product type. Their good fire behaviour makes the polyester sheets a safe solution for many areas. Simple forming at low temperatures saves energy and at the same time ensures shorter cycle times during production.
Vivak ®sheets can be used in a wide range of applications, from deep-drawn parts to shop fitting or in the medical sector. The polyester sheets combine a sophisticated appearance with impressive processing properties. The sheets can also be used for the presentation, storage and transport of food products.
Their cold-curving properties, excellent chemical resistance, flexibility and consistently high quality make Axpet® sheets truly impressive. As they are light and inexpensive to process, these sheets are an excellent alternative to other high-performance plastic sheets.
Due to its good fire classification, Axpet® is particularly suitable for indoor use, such as POS applications, poster protection, poster boards, signposts, food containers and trays, decorative inserts or food packaging. The easy processing and screen printing of the material facilitate individual design options.
Both products can be processed with standard tools. They are also halogen-free and recyclable.
New look for Axpet® and Vivak®

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