Weidmüller – Modular busbar solution for multi-axis servo amplifiers

Detmold, 12.01.2021 (PresseBox) – Today, modern efficient multi-axis servo amplifiers are distinguished by consistent digital structures and high packing density in the smallest possible space. Weidmüller has developed a compact, powerful and modular busbar solution to meet the high requirements for quick and easy installation of servo multi-axis amplifiers.
Weidmüller’s busbar solutions for the DC link circuit
With multi-axis amplifiers used for controlling larger numbers of drives, the correct solution is to have busbar systems for the DC link circuit and the 24 V control voltage. Weidmüller has developed a modular busbar solution for this purpose. The system consists of connection blocks (BUS-connector – PB-Con) with spring contacts to accommodate the busbars, as well as a screw contact to the respective printed circuit board of a device. The connection block is used for both the mechanical and the electrical connection of the busbar. The busbars are available in two versions. To supply power to the axis system, the spring contact runs the full length of the connection block. This enables a power supply of up to 160 A to be fed to the busbar system. The drive modules are connected together using busbar connectors in 50 mm, 100 mm or modular lengths, depending on the width of the device. Insulation end caps provide finger-safe closure.
Another benefit of the system is that it is suitable for both top and front mounting onto devices. The spring contact system has tolerance compensation for module offsets of up to +-2 mm, which gives the device developer a degree of freedom to attach the DC link circuit connections to the device either on the front or from above. This means that the system can be perfectly adapted to the installation conditions of the respective group of devices.
Benefits for users and device developers
The Weidmüller solution benefits everyone involved. The user can install the busbars quickly, easily and without any tools. The busbar connectors snap into place, which increases the mechanical stability. The tolerance compensation enables the axis group to be easily fastened to the panel mounting plate. The design is touch-safe and allows for the quick replacement of individual drive modules in a group of axes.
And it is just as advantageous for device developers: The Weidmüller system is designed entirely for the sizes and technical data of typical multi-axis servo amplifiers. Different module widths are possible for power supplies and drive modules. The use of registered UL components means that UL approval is straightforward. At the same time, there is no need for any development effort or investment regarding a proprietary solution, which in turn reduces project lead times.
Author: Dipl.-Ing. Silke Lödige, Manager Trade Press, Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

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