Baby shoes, dummies and hearts – no need for words, these are universal symbols!

Müschenbach, 06.01.2021 (lifePR) – The ideal gift if you want to send congratulations on baby’s arrival. Partly chrome-plated and with a twist lock to attach to a keyring. Warning: the cute factor is off the charts!
Keyring with 3 charms, dummy, heart and babyshoes, cast metal, Multicoloured
Whether mum, dad or children, the family always comes first. The perfect gift when an addition to the family is expected!
The family and children are not only with you in your heart, but also on your keys. For young parents, as a present for the future godmother / godfather, the grandparents – always charming and a great surprise!

Unternehmen: TROIKA GERMANY GmbH