MYNXG and Phoenix Contact launch Secure 4G/5G PLC Connector for PLCnext Controls

Nürnberg, 14.12.2020 (PresseBox) – This revolutionary technology combines the MYNXG Edge SIIC² PLC Connector and the Phoenix Contact  PLCnext Controls AXC F 2152 and 3152. The solution virtualizes and connects any PLC automation setup via 4G or 5G networks at highest cybersecurity standards with the MYNXG Cloud.
The MYNXG Edge SIIC² PLC Connector uses a secure mobile architecture with trusted platform modules (TPM) at the device level and hardware security modules (HSM) at the MYNXG cloud. The Phoenix Contact PLCnext Control is TPM protected and tightly connected with the Edge SIIC² PLC Connector. Together, this creates an end-to-end protection for both devices and their data, capable to meet all cyber security aspects of the ISA/IEC 62443. With this approach, Phoenix Contact PLCnext controls make the ProfiNet and ProfiBus solutions better and highly secure. After the integration and testing in the interoperability test center at MYNXG headquarters, the first Edge SIIC² PLC Connectors have already been successfully implemented at industrial customers in the Netherlands and interacting securely with the MYNXG cloud.
“We are extremely pleased to extend the PLCs, based on PLCnext technology, by supporting the secure industrial IOT architecture of MYNXG. The digital ecosystem of PLCnext was designed to expand the use of PLCs, and now the user has additional options with the SIIC2 device of MYNXG to fulfill the security needs in industrial automation. ”, said Hans-Juergen Koch, Executive Vice President of Industry Management and Automation at Phoenix Contact.
“Security continues to be a major hurdle for industrial IoT solutions to connect via the internet. Security in all aspects must be provided to connect the operation technology via 4G or 5G networks. This is the make or break for the entire German automation industry. Together with Phoenix Contact, MYNXG developed the Secure Industry IoT Cloud Connector (SIIC²). With this new product and the MYNXG cloud, we are happy to offer the MYNXG blockchain and security inside the PLC and to make cyber security affordable for any company.”, said Bernd Moeller CEO MYNXG
PLCnext Technology is the open ecosystem for industrial automation from Phoenix Contact. With a combination of open control technology, modular engineering software, and an online community, this solution allows users to adapt easily to changing demands and to use existing and future software services efficiently. Featuring a digital marketplace for software and systematic cloud integration, PLCnext Technology is well equipped to face the challenges of the IoT world.
About Phoenix Contact
The family-owned company with headquarters in Blomberg is a worldwide market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Product innovations and specific solutions for individual customer requirements are created in the development facilities at our sites in Germany, China, and the USA. Numerous patents emphasize the fact that many developments from Phoenix Contact are unique.

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