Flexible robot simulation with RoboDK – powerful and inexpensive

Bad Kreuznach, 14.12.2020 (PresseBox) – DataCAD Software & Service GmbH provides information about the benefits of offline robot simulation with RoboDK.
Flexible offline programming
RoboDK is a powerful system for the offline simulation and programming of industrial robots by more than 50 different manufacturers. Because of the intuitive user interface of RoboDK, no programming information is required and no manufacturing-specific programming needs to be learned.
Advantages of flexible offline programming with RoboDK
very efficient and inexpensive.
manufacturer-independent and can be used to program all robot models by different manufacturers.
easy to learn. No change – over is necessary when changing to a new robot model.
every robot can be programmed with just a few clicks within the simulation After a successful simulation, the resulting robot program can be downloaded directly to the physical robot. Thus downtimes are minimized, programming errors are avoided and new programs can be tested without using the physical robot.
Easy integration with CAD / CAM software
Plug-ins for SolidWorks, Mastercam, Fusion 360, Rhino, Alphacam, WorkNC and TopSolid allow for an easy combination of RoboDK with CAD / CAM systems.
RoboDK is suitable for almost any type of application, such as milling and drilling, welding, cutting, painting, inspection, palletizing, 3D printing and much more. RoboDK supports more than 70 robot controllers and offers a library of more than 500 robot arms.
RoboDK is available for Windows 10 64bit and 32bit, macOS 64bit, Ubuntu 64bit, Raspberry Pi, Android and iPhone.
If you are interested in trying out RoboDK, you can use the program download and get a trial license.
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