Exolon Group: New brand names for Bayloy® products

Pullheim, Germany/ Tielt, Belgium, 14.12.2020 (PresseBox) – As of January 1, 2021, the Exolon Group is changing the brand name for its opaque sheet materials based on polycarbonate, polyester or polycarbonate blends.
Bayloy® brand products will continue under the new Exolon® or Vivak® brand, depending on the material properties. After changing the name from Bayblend® to Exoblend®, another product line in the Exolon Group range is undergoing a brand change.
Proven quality under a new name
With the name change, the existing Bayloy®portfolio will be restructured, whereby the opaque coloured sheet material remains at the usual high level in terms of raw materials, processing and quality, as well as in regard to the material-specific properties.
Bayloy® 10 will in future be managed under the Exolon GP B brand. The PET-G Bayloy® 50 sheets are to be integrated into the Vivak product family as Vivak® GP B.
Exolon® GP B are opaque, particularly robust polycarbonate sheets with high impact strength and heat deflection temperature under load as well as good fire behaviour. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in industry, e.g. machine covers.
Vivak® GP B opaque polyester sheets can be thermoformed without pre-drying and are particularly suitable for use in the food industry. They are the perfect addition to the Vivak portfolio, which will be supplemented in the coming years with innovative PETG-based sheets.
Exolon will adapt the brands of all product ranges by mid-2021. This is part of the process of sharpening the company’s profile as a leading independent manufacturer of thermoplastic polycarbonate and polyester based plastic sheets.

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