Cor.Speed Sports Wheels Europe: Volkswagen on big feet: Cor.Speed DeVille at the Arteon

Walddorfhäslach, 11.12.2020 (lifePR) – Although Volkswagen, after its original name, builds cars for the people, i.e. rather simple and above all affordable cars, this is not always the case these days. After the attempt to place a luxury sedan on the market with the Phaeton more or less failed and has now been terminated, apart from the Touareg, the most luxurious model in the Wolfsburg-based range is currently the Arteon.
A copy of the four-door coupé has now been equipped with a set of high-quality wheels from Cor.Speed ​​Sports Wheels. The specialists from JM Car Design from Bergheim near Cologne, who act as the Cor.Speed ​​dealer base, were responsible for the conversion. The choice fell on the powerfully drawn DeVille rims in the dimensions 9×21 inches, which are covered with 225/30 tires. With their gunmetal matt finish, they perfectly match the silver-gray paintwork of the VW. The wheel could be mounted without any adjustments to the body – despite the additional KW Variant 3 coilover kit that was installed, which lowered it by 45 millimeters at the front and 40 millimeters at the rear, thus ensuring an even more harmonious appearance.
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Breathtaking videos and pictures of Cor.Speed ​​are available on the YouTube channel “Corspeed Sports Wheels” as well as interactively on the Instagram profile “corspeed.sports.wheels” or the Facebook page “Barracuda Europe Racing Wheels”. The light alloy wheels from the extensive Cor.Speed ​​rim program are available from car dealerships or from well-stocked tire and specialist shops. 
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