The Quest-Domain – the Domain for Searching

Koeln, 04.12.2020 (PresseBox) – The Quest-Domains are experiencing a restart.
The trademark holder Landrush period of the Quest-Domains starts on December 1st, 2020. During this period, trademark owners can apply for identical Quest-Domains. Unlike a normal sunrise period, the trademarks do not have to be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse.
Quest-Domains are suitable for all websites that have search or search on the topic.
The term „quest“ also plays a role in some computer games. Wikipedia writes about this:
„In computer games, especially in role-playing games, adventures and multi-user dungeons, quests are acceptable assignments that are usually given by computer-controlled characters (NPC). A distinction is made between main or main quests and side or side quests usually drive the story forward and the side quests are more about increasing the player’s character stats, finding treasures, and improving their equipment.“
The Quest-Domains are also suitable for websites with the other meanings of quest.
Quest is also a family name found in Germany and Great Britain. Members of this family could register names such as
Hans-Peter Oswald (German) (English)

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