Supercontinuum Cavity-Ringdown Reflectometer GLACIER-C

Garching bei München, 20.11.2020 (PresseBox) – The GLACIER-C is a further development of our successful GLACIER reflectometer. The GLACIER allows for measurement of losses of optical coatings down to 5 ppm using the extreme sensitive cavity ring-down spectroscopy method. The new innovation of the GLACIER-C device is the employment of a super-continuum laser source in combination with a tunable monochromator. This allows for a freely selectable wavelength within 450 nm and 2000 nm. This offers an unprecedented flexibility as it is not limited to available diode laser wavelengths. Measure and characterize your tailored high-reflective/low-loss laser mirrors down to 5 ppm at your wavelength(range) of interest.

Unternehmen: ULTRAFAST Innovations GmbH