Unique Insights for Advertising on Amazon With New Tool “Sellics Benchmarker” – Free Early Access Registration Started

Berlin, 18.11.2020 (PresseBox) – Sellics, leading advertising software solution for brands and agencies on Amazon, has developed the „Sellics Benchmarker“, a unique tool that allows advertisers on Amazon to compare their advertising performances with their competition. A data pool, consisting of 29 product categories, three of the largest Amazon marketplaces and an advertising sales volume of over $2.5 billion, delivers the most comprehensive and accurate benchmarks for key performance indicators (KPIs) of Amazon advertising campaigns to date. These benchmarks tailored to the specific industry sector and marketplace provide unique insights for merchants, brands and agencies.
Identifying low and high performers at a glance
Online merchants, brands and agencies receive benchmarks for the most important advertising metrics:
Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and Return on Ad Spend (RoAS):How profitable and efficient are myadvertising campaigns?
Cost Per Clicks (CPC):How expensive are my ads? How intenseis the competition?
Click Through Rate (CTR):How many customers click on myads? How interesting are myads?
Conversion Rate (CvR):How many customers buy after a click? How persuasive are myproducts?
Users can see at a glance how well their campaigns are performing. Are they in the bottom 20 percent (low performers) or rather in the top 20 percent (high performers)?
Valuable insights and tips for optimizing campaigns
Whether it’s Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display – users receive benchmarks for all three important ad types on Amazon.
One of the biggest problems of advertisers is: where to start optimization? The benchmarks allow users to identify where they are doing well and where they are behind, i.e. where their effort will pay off the most. To help users optimize their campaigns, Sellics also provides actionable and concrete tips on how to improve each key figure.
Early access has started
As of now, the first online merchants, brands and agencies can register for the free early access to take advantage of the „Sellics Benchmarker“. The registration is done in three easy steps:
The registration form can be found under the following link: https://sellics.com/amazon-advertising-benchmark-report/
The next step is to connect your own Amazon advertising account.
After the analysis, participants receive their individual results.
Further information about the “Sellics Benchmarker” can be found here.

Unternehmen: Sellics Marketplace Analytics GmbH