Planning Optomechanical Setups Three Dimensionally

Olching, 17.11.2020 (PresseBox) – With a new planning software from the optomechanics manufacturer 3DOptix, even complex setups can be designed in all three dimensions using a computer. The free program can be operated directly in the cloud and does not need to be installed on the computer.
All of 3DOptix’ optomechanical components are stored in a comprehensive database, as well as a large selection of optics from LASER COMPONENTS and third-party suppliers. Users can also customize their own optics at any time. The elements can be combined in any manner and placed at the desired location via drag and drop. As soon as a component has been dragged to its place of use, it noticeably snaps into place. As usual with 3DOptix’ optomechanical assemblies, components can also be grouped into sub-modules and then inserted, moved, and removed into the system. With the ray tracing function, the user can virtually check in the sandbox how the beam path behaves in the current configuration. The chromatic properties are optionally displayed as a spectral graph or as colored rays.
Once the design process is complete, the program automatically creates a “shopping list” with all the components required. For use in publications, the design can also be created as a schematic.
LASER COMPONENTS is 3DOptix’ exclusive sales partner in the German-speaking countries.
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