Crack and grinding burn testing of rolling elements with the Rohmann ELOTEST PL600

Frankenthal, 16.11.2020 (PresseBox) – Nowadays bearing rings and rolling elements are widely used in a great variety of dimensions. They transfer power, so that everything revolves, from the smallest drills to the wheels on a car up to the large rotor blades of a wind power plant. In order to ensure the consistent quality of the parts, they are 100 percent tested and the results are documented.
The STALVOSS company, which specializes in automated testing systems and special machine construction, uses the digital testing instrument ELOTEST PL600 from Rohmann for the non‑destructive testing of rolling elements. The PL600 has been integrated into a fully automated system for this contact‑free and quick testing. It has a two-channel structure and evaluates the eddy current signals from two stations independently from one another. An 8‑fold multiplexer as well as a 4-fold array and one single sensor, also from Rohmann, are used for the tests at every station for the detection of cracks and grinding burns on the surface and face areas of the rolling elements. The cycle time is approx. 1.2 seconds per part.
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Unternehmen: Rohmann GmbH