Bond-Domain: My name is .bond

Koeln, 13.11.2020 (PresseBox) – Do you belong to the financial industry and offer bonds? Then you are right here. Nothing sells bonds better than a Bond-Domain. But even if you are a fan of James Bond or are called Bond, you have come to the right place.
Since December 16, 2020, each Bond-Domain costs 99 US-Dollar/year. There are since December 16, 2020, no reserved domains and premium domains at .bond. As part of our „Black Friday“ offer, you will receive every standard Bond-Domain for 99 US-Dollars from November 16, 2020. Even if the secret service of Herr Majesty isn’t paying your expenses, you can still afford a bond domain.
The registry writes about .bond:
„.bond is a generic top level domain extension focused on financial markets. Some users are also interested in using .bond to highlight the special bonds that they have with friends and family. How will you use your .bond domain?“
Reinforce your brand with .bond. The registry explains:
„When you users see .bond to the right of the dot they’ll know they are interacting with an expert. When you select a .bond domain, you’re adding a powerful word to your web address – a word that sends strong and positive connotations to your visitors and reinforces the benefits clients will receive when working with your firm.“
If your first name is e.g. Richard and your family name Bond, you can get a website and an email address:
If your company name is e.g. Fuel Bond LLC, you can get a website and an email address You can get also free subdomains like
James-Bond-Domains like,, and are still available.
You can register your name at the Bond-Domain here. We are official registrar of the Bond-Domains. We can register free Bond domains quickly and reliably.
The relationship between better ranking and the new top-level domains was proved by a study of Searchmetrics for .berlin domains. Websites with .berlin domains frequently place better than websites with De-Domains and Com-Domains in regional searches with Google. The result of the study by Searchmetrics can be summarized as follows:
„42% of searches show that .berlin domains rank better locally.“
The study of Total Websites in Houston shows that the results by Searchmetrics can be generalized to all new top level domains, including the .Bond domains: It was proved that Google uses the domain endings of the New Top Level Domains as a key element for the assessment of domains. Total Websites draws as a conclusion:
„It is clear that the new top-level domains improve the ranking in search engines.“
Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (German)

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