Philipp Schütte receives award for best master’s thesis in mathematics

Paderborn, 02.11.2020 (PresseBox) – Unfortunately, the 2020 graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, IT and Mathematics at the University of Paderborn, which includes presentation of the award for the best master’s theses, can only be held virtually. However, achelos is continuing to support the event as sponsor and was delighted to present the cheque for the €500 prize money to Philipp Schütte. The graduate already completed his master’s degree at the end of last year within the standard study period and is now working on his PhD in mathematics in the same faculty.
„Particularly in these challenging times, it is important to send out a positive signal. achelos has been providing prize money to support the graduation ceremony for master’s students for several years. This year, we are delighted to present Mr. Philipp Schütte with a €500 cheque here at achelos for his excellent master’s thesis. We would also like to wish Philipp all the very best in his professional and private life. The worlds of science and the economy are inseparably linked to one another and represent an important pillar for innovative projects. Maybe Philipp and achelos will cross paths again here one day. We are very much open to this,“ comments Thomas Freitag, CEO at achelos.
Philipp Schütte wrote his master’s thesis on the topic of „hyperbolic geometry and zeta functions“ in the Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, IT and Mathematics at the University of Paderborn. He is currently also working towards his PhD in the field of mathematics at the University of Paderborn. „I would like to express my sincere thanks to achelos for the prize money and am excited to see whether there will also be any points of contact here in the future. In my PhD, I am focussing on the development of numeric software and management of open source projects, which could potentially be of interest for achelos,“ comments the award winner with an optimistic outlook.

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