Bildverarbeitung SWIR Kamera NIT HiPe SenS CameraLink

Olching, 17.10.2020 (PresseBox) – To facilitate the integration of HiPe SenS cameras into any microscopy or system, NIT provides one more option of the HiPe SenS series – the HiPe SenS 640M-ST. Explore how SWIR cameras, particularly NIT HiPe SenS, bring benefits for low light and long exposure time applications (Microscopy, Biomedical, Semiconductor Inspection, etc.). The HiPe SenS 640M-ST, features the latest NIT’s SWIR sensor NSC1902T along with TEC2 and air-cooled mode, low sensor noise 40e-, ultra-high sensitivity – so the most demanding projects for low light and long-exposure time applications can be achieved easily.
NIT HiPe SenS 640M-ST CameraLink
The HiPe SenS 640M-ST camera is a High-Performance SWIR camera. It has TEC2 & fan air-cooled operating mode. The camera features Low Dark current with CameraLink output, using through NIT software WiDyCAM.
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