Setting up a simple and cost-efficient 2-photon microscope for neuroscience

Gräfelfing, 14.10.2020 (PresseBox) – In this webinar, Max Eisele, Ph.D., will give an introduction to two-photon microscopy and highlight the potential of multiphoton excitation as compared to the standard fluorescence microscopy technology.
Learn about the benefits of two-photon microscopy, learn about a simple two-photon microscope design, and see how easy and quick it is to set up a dedicated two-photon microscope.
Use-case examples will be presented that highlight the benefits of two-photon microscopy for deep-tissue and in vivo imaging. After this basic introduction, Max Eisele will guide attendees through the setup of a simple and cost-efficient microscope, including a selection of suitable microscopy platforms, as well as an overview on suitable light sources for general and more specific applications. Special emphasis will be placed on cost-efficient single-wavelength fiber-lasers and their advantages for dedicated applications — for example, for calcium imaging in neuroscience.
Who should attend:
R&D scientists, engineers, educators, and others involved and interested in two-photon microscopy applications and design, especially for neuroscience imaging.
About the presenter:
Max Eisele is product manager for ultrafast fiber lasers at TOPTICA Photonics AG. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience in high-end microscopy applications and related technology in both academia and industry, Eisele joined TOPTICA in 2018. Being intrigued by the potential of fluorescence microscopy in neuroscience and in vivo imaging, Eisele is now working on providing scientists and OEM partners in the field of biophotonics with fully tailored, turn-key, and convenient light sources for next-generation multiphoton microscopy.
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