The reason why Cobots are so useful

Hannover, 13.10.2020 (PresseBox) – The young and dynamic start-up Yuanda Robotics develops collaborative robots in Hannover, with the aim of creating a multi-purpose robot that is accessible to both medium-sized businesses and laymen.
Cobots can help companies make their workplace safer by performing tasks that are dangerous and repetitive for humans. The advantage: workers can thus be used in more important places or work side by side with the Cobot. Conventional industrial robots on the contrary must work behind metal cages and cannot be used in different places.
The collaborative robot “Yu” is versatile and can be used for sorting screws in the morning and quality control in the evening.
The main goal of Yuanda Robotics is to bring usability in combination with high-tech features to society in an efficient and clear way. The pure operation of the robot is supplemented by numerous interfaces as we already know them from Alexa and Siri. This makes using the Cobot as easy as using a smartphone and ensures that no experts are needed for the Cobot. 

Unternehmen: Yuanda Robotics GmbH