Logwin takes business with China to the streets

Großostheim, 01.10.2020 (PresseBox) – Grevenmacher (Luxemburg), 11,000 km through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, and Poland to Germany. The 235 boxes of bicycle parts from a plant in Dongguan, which Logwin transported for the first time by truck to Koblenz instead of by rail or sea freight, were on the road for 13 days. At the border with Kazakhstan, the goods were handed over by the Chinese freight forwarder to a Russian freight forwarder, who then drove them to Germany. Including the completion of all customs controls on the way and the final customs clearance at the customs office of destination, the trip was even under the planned transport time of 14 days.
A successful and promising pilot project
Branch manager Alexander Eckel, who coordinated the pilot project at Logwin, explains: “With this transport we have opened a new chapter for our customers. Truck transport to and from China holds numerous advantages for customers. First of all, there is the shorter total transport time. Thanks to the shorter lead times compared to rail transport, we save about 7 days.
Above all, however, we are opening up a simplified option for the transport of hazardous goods, for example, that cannot be moved by sea or rail at all, or only at great expense. Lithiumion batteries bear mentioning in this respect, as freight that is increasingly in demand – whether it be for e-bikes or as supplies for the automotive industry.”
The „door to door“ transport from China to Germany took place in compliance with high safety standards. The loading in the Dongguan region was personally monitored by employees of the Logwin branch in Guangzhou, the trucks used were manned by two drivers during the entire journey and equipped with their own GPS tracking system. In Germany, the customs clearance and complete handover of the goods to the customer was attended by Logwin employees. In addition to proper customs clearance, special attention was paid to adequate insurance coverage for the transport.
This flexible transport route newly developed for Logwin customers now complements currently still scarce air freight and rail capacities.

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