Artificial intelligence in use for data protection: Privacy Solutions receives innovation funding from the German state of Hesse

Hannover, 30.09.2020 (PresseBox) – What at first sounds like a contradiction is quite the opposite for the creative experts at Privacy Solutions GmbH. “Many see artificial intelligence only as a threat to data protection. But why not use AI to ensure better data protection?”, asked Prof. Dr. Jochen Deister and Christoph Westermann, CEO and founder of the successful start-up. „In complex processes, the risk assessment can only be more precise if it is supported by AI.“
The team of Privacy Solutions GmbH with its experts in data protection, software development and process management developed a first idea sketch. The funding program Distr@l of the Hessian State Chancellery was just right for the project. As part of its digital strategy, the state of Hesse supports innovative projects in the growth phase of start-ups with a digital context.
“Our data protection management software ‘Privacy Suite’ is used by data protection experts worldwide. The immense wealth of knowledge about typical data privacy risks and our own decades of experience in data protection enable us to filter out transferable risk assessments with the help of AI. This enables us to generate a transfer of knowledge for the benefit of small and medium-sized companies – without disclosing confidential data of our customers,” summarizes Jochen Deister the expected added value. With the expert and stakeholder dialog, the results will be tested and optimized throughout the entire project. Bianca Richter-Harm, as an experienced process facilitator, will be responsible for shaping the dialog. Programmer Sven Magnussen will be able to live out his passion for artificial intelligence.
The project idea „AI for Privacy“
“AI for Privacy – The use of artificial intelligence to identify and assess data protection risks according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – innovative methods for data protection compliance” – the project title outlines what the next two years will be about. Artificial intelligence is to be used to identify and assess data protection risks in accordance with data protection laws as an innovative method for data protection compliance. Two evaluation rounds by an expert jury have rated the project as innovative and worthy of funding. For Privacy Solutions GmbH, the funding offers the opportunity to create a significant innovative leap forward. The startup will receive just under 160,000 Euros in funding, with additional funds and personnel capacities being incorporated into the project by the company.
The Privacy Solutions team will start the two-year project in Frankfurt on September 15, 2020.

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