Speeding ahead with K°Bond in hydrogen refueling

Bochum, 29.09.2020 (PresseBox) – Hydrogen fuel is considered to be an energy carrier with enormous potential. During 2020, nations and companies have pushed more funding than ever towards developing hydrogen. With K°Bond, Kelvion has set a stable course for the future in this important and promising industry. Hot on the heels of its recent entry into the French market for Hydrogen Refuel Stations (HRS), Kelvion received an order from Total Gas Mobility for K°Bond heat exchangers.
Standardization leads to shorter delivery time
Kelvion’s K°Bond heat exchanger will be used to precool the hydrogen before it is used to fill fuel tanks. One unit is for fueling cars, which are filled up to 700 Barg. The other units are for trucks and busses, which are filled up to 350 Barg. The K°Bond heat exchangers comply with the international standard SAE J2601 for car refuel stations. This leads to an important standardization for Kelvion, which enables the company to provide a shorter delivery time and very cost-efficient production. Kelvion has a PED type approval and is thereby already attuned for the European market. For US, these units are supplied according to ASME code with a U-stamp.
HRS represents an important strategic pillar for Kelvion over the next few years. “This collaboration with Total Gas Mobility strengthens our position in the HRS market.” Roy Niekerk (Strategic Development Director Thermal Engineered Solutions) states.
More K°Bond applications:
Gas Compression Offshore
Supercritical CO2
Gas Turbine Performance Heaters
Cryogenic Energy Storage/CES and Liquid Air Energy Storage/LAES
K°Bond at a glance
Design pressure up to 1050 bar (ASME VIII DIV 1)
Working temperature range from -200°C to 600°C
High heat transfer rate thanks micro channels
Temperature approach up to 2°K
Safe and reliable operation thanks to high quality diffusion bonding
High resistance to cycling services
Up to 6 times smaller than conventional Shell & Tube heat exchanger
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Unternehmen: Kelvion Holding GmbH