Cor.Speed Sports Wheels Europe: Cor.Speed meets SHD in Herne – Scirocco R with Kharma wheels

Walddorfhäslach, 28.09.2020 (lifePR) – For almost ten years, the third-generation Scirocco was the compact athlete and the dynamic, sleek golf alternative in the VW range – until it unfortunately expired in 2017 without replacement. Especially as the powerful top model R with 265 or later 280 hp turbo engine, the two-door car allowed rapid progress and was very popular in the tuning world. The car show here, for example, was equipped with a set of unique Cor.Speed ​​light alloy wheels by SHD Powdercoating from Herne.
The Cor.Speed ​​Kharma rims were unveiled last December at the Essen Motor Show 2019. They have a striking, concave design with five asymmetrical double spokes and the center part looks like milled at first glance. However, this impression is deceptive, because the Kharma is actually produced using the flow forming process, which is also made possible by the low weight of around 11 kilograms. 9×20 inch wheels with 245/30R20 tires are mounted on the axles of the Scirocco R – a suitable parts certificate is of course available. A special feature is that different finishes are used on the two sides of the vehicle: on the right „Higloss-Bronze Brushed“ and on the left „Silver Brushed“.
In addition to the new wheel set, the gray painted VW was lowered by means of a coil spring set from KW.
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