Discover in an Interactive Way the New Building Technology Innovation from Goetze

Ludwigsburg, 16.09.2020 (PresseBox) – With its new pressure reducing valve series 9000 Edition G06F Goetze sets new standards on the Building Technology market. Two intensive years of development and innovation result in a new product, which cleverly combine high-quality materials with impressive performance. You are now able to discover this product immediately with all its facets in our newly set-up virtual showroom.
The Virtual Goetze Showroom
The virtual Goetze Showroom enables all customers and interested parties, the possibility to discover the Goetze Products in a digital way. You can study all details of the new pressure reducing valve at your leisure: These range from technical details and download options up to tips for correct installation on video. Visit us at . Here, you will also be able to contact our product experts, who will help you to find the ideal solution for pressure control in your plant.
The New Pressure Reducing Valve Made of Lead-free Gunmetal
At the heart of the new virtual showroom is our new pressure reducing valve series G06F. This valve which combines gunmetal and plastic represents a new product for the environmentally and health-conscious user. Due to the use of a lead-free body the drinking water is not contaminated in any way and the environment is not polluted with any heavy metals.
Innovative Materials
Goetze makes use of a new combination of high quality materials for its new pressure reducing valve series G06F. The body is made of lead-free gunmetal, which avoids the possibility of traces of lead being able to infiltrate the drinking water or installations. On the other hand the valve insert is made of a high quality plastic, which is also used in medical technology applications. In this way, an ideal cavitation-, temperature and medium resistance can be guaranteed.
Impressive Performance
However, not only in the area of materials employed has Goetze taken particular care with regard to performance. By means of flow optimization and benchmarking of all concepts at a very early stage with the aid of the most modern simulation software the flow capacity was designed for maximum performance. This flow optimization means that a higher maximum flow than those from comparable products is achieved. Due to the use of physical properties in the valve a higher flow capacity at the same pressure drop is possible. This advantage is gained by each and every pressure reducing valve user directly.
Easy Installation and Maintenance
The user not only has the advantage of a new kind of material mix, but also easy installation and maintenance. Installation is easily achieved thanks to the setting scale which can easily be viewed from both sides and carried-out without the need for special tools or a pressure gauge.
Due to the 160 μm fine strainer the valve and the downstream plant components are protected against soiling. The filter screen itself can be removed without the need to remove the valve insert or re-setting of the set pressure. Possible soiling can easily be identified by anyone through the transparent filter bowl. 
Also Available In Stainless Steel:  The G06Fi
For particularly demanding applications such as in hygienic areas ( industrial kitchens, Filling Plants ) the sister product G06Fi has been developed. Due to the design in robust AISI 316Ti even in the case of aggressive and complicated media the correct outlet pressure is guaranteed. Consequently, the user does not have to forego the advantages which the unique design of this series offers.
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