905nm Laser Transmitter for Beam Steering LiDAR System

China, 15.09.2020 (PresseBox) – Focuslight has released a new high peak power 905nm pulsed laser module LE01, which is the market’s first laser line generator for beam steering LiDAR transmitter. It is categorized under the LiDAR Tx L Product Line of Automotive BU. The major application is for beam steering LiDAR system used for autonomous driving, but it can also be used for 3D sensing and IR illumination applications.
The unique advantages of this 905nm laser line generator are that by taking advantage of Focuslight cutting-edge long focal length fast axis collimation lens (FAC) and homogenizer (HOM), it can achieve less than 0.2° field of view (FOV) angle in fast axis and 20° FOV angle in slow axis with larger than 90% uniformity. Based on the specific requirement from different customers, the FOV angles and power could also be customized up to 160°.
Automotive-Grade Optical Components
Focuslight automotive-grade glass FAC
100,000h lifetime with high reliability
The high peak power 905nm pulsed laser module LE01 not only is featured for its performance but also has a very compact design. Moreover, an upgrade version, LE02 is going to be released soon, with even higher power and smaller FOV angle along fast axis.
Focuslight has always been focusing on the R&D of micro-optics and diode laser products and technologies, with 404 granted patents. After 13 years of industry experience, Focuslight has become a top quality worldwide supplier for high power diode lasers, with high-quality products, reliable supply chain services, and satisfying technical support. The very first academic book on high power diode laser packaging technology is written by the scientists from Focuslight. As Focuslight’s 100% owned subsidiary, LIMO GmbH has 28 years of micro-optics expertise for development and production of high-quality automotive-grade beam shaping solution, with unique wafer-level processing technology.
Focuslight is positioned to be the professional photonics solution provider in automotive industry, by combining its expertise and capability of beam shaping, laser bar AuSn bonding, electro-optical integration, and IATF16949 certified volume production.
Since 2016, Focuslight has identified the automotive industry as its strategic target market and set an Automotive BU up dedicated to the automotive market, including autonomous driving LiDAR, driver monitoring system, etc. Focuslight has been engaged with the majority of automotive Tier1s and LiDAR manufacturers worldwide. In 2020 Q4, the world’s first Flash LiDAR laser source project will enter mass production.
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