In defiance of Corona

Gefell, 10.09.2020 (PresseBox) – In defiance of Corona  – MTG-Innovations 2020
14 large corporations are asking the state for help, according to a manager-magazine report from 11.08.2020. Huge sums are to be raised by the taxpayer for pandemic-related corporate restructuring. The small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which according to current BVMW statistics account for 99.5 % of all companies in Germany and 97.1 % of German exporters, as well as 81.7 % of apprenticeship training and 58 % of all employees subject to social insurance contributions, can only dream of this.
However, dreaming is of little use. Especially in times of crisis, it is important for the SME sector to develop its own strengths, bundle its own resources and react flexibly and individually to customer wishes with innovations.
Crises always give rise to new power and new opportunities.
Following this leitmotiv, Microtech Gefell successfully presented a wide range of new products for 2020 at a recent online in-house exhibition.
The presentations focused on new developments in the field of acoustic measurement technology with a wide range of applications in industry, research and environmental protection.
New products such as measuring capsules, measuring amplifiers, complete measuring microphones, measuring systems or calibrators met with a remarkable response.
Product innovations 2020 – examples:
        ⇒ 1/2 „Measurement Microphone MMS 212 with the newly developed
            ½“Measurement capsules MKS 221 Steel Edition or MKS 221 Rugged Design
        ⇒1/2“Measurement Microphone MMS 212 for rugged environment
         • free-field
         • 3,5 Hz to 20 kHz
         • 15 dBA to 139 dB
         • IEPE (BNC)
         • TEDS acc. IEEE 1451
The 1/2“ measurement microphone MMS 212 is very insensitive to extreme temperatures, moisture, dust and vibration. This is achieved by a special design of protection grid, pressure compensation opening and plug connector. The MMS 212 complies the IP rating IP 67 and can
be calibrated with a standard 1/2“ sound calibrator.
An integrated power-on indicator permanently indicates correct function and ensures reliable measurements.
         ⇒½“ Microphone Capsule MKS 221 Stainless Steel Series
         • free-field
         •3,5 Hz to 20 kHz
         •WS2F according IEC 61094-4
         •15 dBA to 146 dB
         •200V ext. Polarization
         ⇒ ½“ Microphone Capsule MKS 221(2) Rugged Design
         •Special Headgrill with add. Protection Grid in Front of the Membrane against
          Humidity, Mech. Damage, Dust
         •-40°C … +125°C

Unternehmen: Microtech Gefell GmbH