Wystrach presents the mobile hydrogen refueling station

Weeze, Germany, 09.09.2020 (PresseBox) – Weeze, Germany. Wystrach is bringing a mobile hydrogen refueling station suitable for numerous applications to market. The company, which specializes in high-pressure systems and hydrogen technology, presents the WyRefueler: a 350-bar hydrogen refueling system that can be used for trucks, buses, and trains as well as for vehicles on construction sites, in ports, or at airports. “From the very start, our goal was to develop a user-friendly and highly flexible plug & play solution,” explains Wolfgang Wolter, CEO Operations & Sales. “The system can be assembled or dismantled in the space of a single day and needs just a 63A connector. The WyRefueler makes emissions-free logistics and intralogistics easy—and there’s no limit to where the solution can be deployed.”
“The system can be modified to meet a customer’s every need.”
Wolfgang Wolter, Wystrach
The mobile hydrogen refueling station comprises two components: the tank container and the mobile refueler. Both can be transported independently of each other as a BDF swap body. This modular solution offers an especially high level of flexibility. The basic s model features a 20 ft tank container, 313 kg of usable H₂ volume, and 88 kg buffer storage, and can provide 180 kg of H₂ each day. “The system can be modified to meet a customer’s every need, such as a larger tank container, stronger compressor, or additional cooling,” Wolter explains. The WyRefueler comes equipped with smart controls as standard and can operate autonomously.
“It’s a huge help in everyday operations: compact design, easy to operate, fast and uncomplicated refueling.” Marie-José Baartmans, Breytner
Following several weeks of testing at Breytner, a zero-emission transport service provider in the Netherlands, Managing Director Marie-José Baartmans described her company’s experience: “The WyRefueler is a huge help in everyday operations. It has a compact design and is very easy to operate, so refueling is fast and uncomplicated.” This means a major increase in flexibility in day-to-day business, adds Jeroen Baartmans, also a managing director at the logistics company: “The system made an enormous difference to our everyday business, as we were able to schedule a hydrogen truck for our routes as usual. There was no need for trips to a public filling station and no waiting in line at the pump. In addition, the WyRefueler operated without a hitch the entire time, which delivered both time and cost advantages.” He goes on to say that obtaining an operating license to use the system at the company’s own depot “went quickly and smoothly.”
The mobile hydrogen refueling station comes with a comprehensive consulting and service package, which facilitates obtaining the necessary operating license, for example. The system can be monitored 24 hours a day with the remote control function, and the service also includes setting up and commissioning the WyRefueler for the customer. After a completing a training course, users can operate the system independently.

Unternehmen: Wystrach GmbH