Travian Games Celebrates 16 Years Of ‚Travian: Legends‘ and launches ‚Travian: Shadow Empires‘ as 2020’s Annual Special

Munich, 08.09.2020 (PresseBox) – The genre defining Travian: Legends celebrates its 16th anniversary and Travian Games is pleased to launch the Annual Special 2020 Travian: Shadow Empires. It provides the familiar battle for long-lasting dominance, but with a new twist. Even veteran players of the widely successful browser strategy MMO Travian: Legends will need to adapt quickly to prevail.
In Travian: Legends’ latest special, Travian: Shadow Empires, the games’ loyal community will be able to experience the all-new faction feature. After selecting a tribe in the beginning of the game, players swear allegiance to one of five unique factions and fight for dominance on an ancient European map. The change will be tangible from the first second and should lead to some remarkable gameplay choices. Will players value their own interests above the interests of their faction? Will they break their oath of loyalty, betray their faction, and join the ranks of the enemy? Anything is possible in Travian: Shadow Empires.
Travian: Shadow Empires will also bring a shared domain server setup, ensuring a more social experience over the course of a game worlds lifetime.
Eckart Foos, Game Director for Travian: Legends: „As our players have continued to perfect their strategies over the years, we wanted to create something completely new and exciting for the community of Travian: Legends this year. With factions, you can expect even more strategic and unseen gameplay, offering a truly unique experience for the players. We are eager to see what faction players choose and how it represents them in Travian: Shadow Empires.“
Jörg Strathaus, CEO of Travian Games: „At Travian Games, we deeply appreciate the consistent support of our live games from players around the world. We are incredibly happy with how Travian: Legends has evolved over the years. As CEO, I am extremely proud of all the people working on the game, constantly striving to make Travian: Legends the best game it can be. And after 16 years, we have even more exciting plans for the future.“
The first gameworlds for Travian: Shadow Empires launch on September 8th, 2020. Should players or newcomers want to learn even more about this exciting content update, you can watch an in-depth discussion with the game designer of Travian: Shadow Empires. The official AMA video can be watched here. More details about the game are available on the Travian: Legends website and you can follow the game on Facebook & Discord to receive the latest news.
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