Revolt Against Modernism or Against Contemporaneity?

Rome, 07.09.2020 (lifePR) – Revolt Against Modernism is an album of very intimate compositions that reflect my way of thinking and facing what I don’t like: modernism. In art, can one belong to one’s time without breaking with what preceded us historically? In art can one develop a personal, authentic and current language without sounding nostalgic or in the style of someone else who is no longer around? With these questions I started writing the album. I wanted to demonstrate, first of all to myself, whether or not I was able to write music that was an expression of my living in the present: therefore contemporary. I have avoided falling into the ideological trap, so dear or convenient to many, of the modern as progress; at the same time I tried to keep my feet rooted in tradition.

Unternehmen: Feiyr