XIMEA’s all-time favorite USB3.1 Gen1 camera

Münster, 02.09.2020 (PresseBox) – The xiC camera series from XIMEA has been setting new standards for lightweight and fast speed cameras for years offering a compact solution for a wide range of applications. The USB3.1 Gen1 camera family is suitable for multi-camera systems as well as for single camera setups.
Thanks to continuous development, the xiC camera series, which was specially engineered to house Sony CMOS sensors, always remains state-of-the-art. Large number of sensor and interface combinations are possible allowing to supply a plethora of versions, including a wide range of connector options. All Sony Pregius™ sensors have Global shutter technology with resolution from 2.3 to 12.4 Mpix, reaching up to 165 fps with USB3 or much more with PCIe interface. In case of 8.9 Mpix resolution, the camera delivers 4K quality at 43 or 95 fps.
The connection that the xiC camera series offers is a default Micro-B or optional Type-C and flexible flat ribbon cable. With the ribbon cable connection, all signals (power, data, IO) are integrated into the solitary interconnection, thus reducing the number of used cables. The xiC is equipped with flexible GPIO, which is optoisolated and bidirectional enabling to trigger and synchronize the cameras easily. The standard USB interface provides optimized connectivity with the largest number of host computers. No auxiliary power is required as the cameras are powered directly via the USB bus.
Its CNC-milled aluminum alloy housing makes the xiC cameras robust and minimizes the weight to mere 38 grams. Despite the board stack structure, for system integrators, the xiC also offers all the advantages of single PCB design. The camera family was created with the focus to keep the form factor as small and as light as possible, this resulted in 26 x 26 mm front size with both C-mount as well as CS-mount. While utilizing the high performance of the sensors the xiC still has the world`s lowest power consumption in its class with approximately 3 Watts. The xiC camera series continues to be one of XIMEA’s most successful product lines.

Unternehmen: XIMEA GmbH