New highspeed camera with 26.2 Mpix

Münster, 02.09.2020 (PresseBox) – Reaching a resolution of 26.2 Mpix (5,120 x 5,120 pixels) and up to 150 fps, the newly introduced CB262 from the xiB-64 series expands the product portfolio of XIMEA GmbH from Münster. The PCIe3.0 interface allows image data to be transmitted at 64 Gbps (8 GB/s) – even over distances of 100 m via fiber optic connections.
The models of the xiB-64 series with selected Luxima, CMOSIS and GPixel sensors range from variants with 1.1 Mpix resolution and over 3,600 fps to 65.4 Mpix at 76 fps.
The xiB-64 series combines high speed and high resolution in a compact package (60mm x 70mm x 40mm). The ability to transfer image data directly into the PC’s main memory (DMA) enables both high-capacity data storage and further processing of image data on graphics processors (GPUs).
The range of applications extends from process monitoring, sports broadcasts and flow measurements (PIV) in the high-speed range to land surveying, medical technology and high-resolution spectroscopy.

Unternehmen: XIMEA GmbH