# CapsuleswithSocialResponsibility: The capsules of GoCaps® are certified through FairTSA™ certification for processing standards and are setting a social milestone

Edling, 02.09.2020 (PresseBox) – In accordance with its mission statement “Capsules to the highest standards“, GoCaps® products can now be recognized with the FairTSA™ seal.
Whether gelatin or HPMC vegetarian/vegan hard capsules, capsules suitable for organic certified products or acid-resistant capsules: the GoCaps® products now have one big thing in common: the manufacturing of the capsules’ extraordinarily high quality is combined with the FairTSA™ Socially Responsible Processing certification.
The FairTSA™ social standard is based on the applicable conventions of the International Labor Organization Conventions and guarantees compliance with them. The FairTSA™ certification for GoCaps® capsules means that these conventions are followed during processing is guaranteed by a certifier who is accredited according to ISO 17065. Further details about FairTSA™ certification can also be found at www.fairtsa.org
“The manufacturing process of our capsules is FairTSA™ certified”, emphasizes Axel Stock, Managing Director of GoCaps® GmbH “because we want to be part of a fair world and make our best possible contribution to this.”
With this commitment, GoCaps® is again committed to its corporate responsibility for people and future-oriented action. For years the company has been committed to the sustainable constitution of social conditions and values ​​combined with the highest quality standards. „Anyone who offensively faces up to a socially oriented and high-quality product can realize enormous opportunities for new growth …“, says Robert Bos, Commercial Director Europe. „. Consumption with a clear conscience is increasingly becoming a way of life for consumers.“ The fact that GoCaps® works to the highest standards is also shown by the other certifications: the manufacturer’s company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP / GMP; The raw materials used meet the requirements of the various pharmacopoeias such as USP / NF and EP as well as all other regulatory standards of the various regional markets on which the products are sold worldwide. The production facilities are also GMP and ISO certified.
“Our promise is to market capsules produced in a socially responsible manner – and tailored to the needs of our customers. That is why we want to set a new, social milestone with this FairTSA™ certification and continue to set a good example in the industry”, summarizes Axel Stock.

Unternehmen: GoCaps GmbH