Smallest Humidity Sensor with ultra-fast response time

Ebnat-Kappel, 01.09.2020 (PresseBox) – The P14 4051 Rapid 2 Thermo Humidity sensor features an on-chip heater and temperature sensor and operates at temperatures from – 80 °C up to + 150 °C. Smaller than the P14 Rapid its response time is 3times faster, and its outstanding sensitivity allows for a fast recovery time. It is temperature shock-resistant and robust against icing.
Ultra-fast response times are often required in applications such a weather balloons, Radiosondes, Drones etc.  requiring meteorology – not only in normal conditions, but also under elevated environmental constraints such as extremely low temperatures, high radiation levels and under extreme condensation.
Customized adaptations are available on request.

Unternehmen: Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG