Suitable for everyday use? trans-o-flex carries out tests Electric vans in two-year endurance test

Weinheim, 31.08.2020 (PresseBox) –
At its site in Hamm, Expressdienst is putting a StreetScooter with 900 kg payload through its paces in everyday delivery operations
Objective: Finding niche applications and gaining experience with electromobility
In a two-year endurance test at its site in Hamm, the express delivery company trans-o-flex is now testing a Work L StreetScooter for its suitability for everyday use. „We know that electric vehicles currently do not yet meet our requirements, especially with regard to the temperature control of the goods, and we are aware of the limitations in terms of range and payload,“ says Wolfgang P. Albeck, trans-o-flex CEO. „But it’s about gaining experience with electromobility in the tough everyday delivery business at an early stage. This may enable us to discover niches in which electric vehicles can already be used in an economical and environmentally friendly way.“
How reliably do the vehicles work in winter? How much does the load affect driving performance and range? How well does the supplied charging station work? How much do short intermediate charges extend the daily range when returning to the depot? trans-o-flex would like to systematically answer these and other questions in endurance tests. To this end, the StreetScooter will initially be used for express deliveries in the vicinity of the site. Depending on how things go, further application scenarios will be added later. „We don’t want to miss any opportunity to make our operations more environmentally friendly,“ says Albeck.
The StreetScooter Work L model being tested has a box body, but does not feature active temperature control of the load compartment. It will therefore not be used for Ambient or Thermo deliveries. With a loading volume of 7.7 cubic metres, the box body has space for four europallets. The vehicle is permitted to carry a payload of 900 kilos.

Unternehmen: trans-o-flex Express GmbH