WIS Virtual Experiences

Bad Mergentheim, 28.08.2020 (PresseBox) – Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG encourages digital transformation and has created innovative options in recent years for interactively networking with the customers. Using WIS Virtual Experiences, a virtual showroom, the company presents supply solutions and the product range centred around efficient C-Parts management to its customers and business partners. Apart from interactive experience of range of products, the showroom also offers suitable setting for individual customer visits. In this way, the company closes the gap between telephone and video conference and the experience of face-to-face meetings while completely ensuring “social distancing“, which is of utmost importance in the present scenario. For it is undeniable and remains constant: personal contact with the customer has utmost priority.
Within the Würth Group, Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG specialises in modular supply and logistics concepts for manufacturing customers with over 20 years of expertise in the market. Maximum process and supply security as well as maximum system and product quality exactly tailor-made to the customers’ needs form the basis of efficient C-Parts management. Würth Industrie Service lives up to its role as a leader of innovation not only in logistics. Digital and networked systems and automation technologies are used since many years. Innovative supply solutions are designed for automated and secure supply of C-Parts and ideas are implemented in innovations together with more than 20,000 customers worldwide. As a result of the closely collaborating with research and industry, Würth Industrie Service is aware of the challenges faced by manufacturing companies and creates innovations, which meet the resulting demands of Industry 4.0. “We see it as our duty to not only implement new developments but also advance actively”, clarifies Stefan Reuss, Head of Digital Solutions and IT of Würth Industrie Service. Especially in C-Parts management, digital solutions are gaining importance nowadays and will become even more important in the future.
WIS Virtual Experiences – New ways of presentation
After two years of development and testing, Würth Industrie Service in collaboration with iHUB team (iHUB stands for Innovation HUB) has succeeded in creating a completely new and innovative system for interactively networking with the customers and also with the colleagues. The result: WIS Virtual Experiences (WIS stands for Würth Industrie Service). Whether for customer meetings, discussions, demos, trainings, conferences, presentations or managing communal experiences such as exhibitions and similar events, the virtual rooms can be used for all types of interactions and can be accessed with wide range of end devices − from VR headsets for maximum immersion, PC for maximum performance to smartphone and tablet for easiest mobile access.
The specially developed showroom of Würth Industrie Service offers a wide repertoire of functionalities to demonstrate an impressive virtual world to customers and business partners. The virtual exhibition convinces not only with commitment and passion, but also with content, interactions, products and systems. Company presentations of the Würth Group and Würth Industrie Service as well as 3D models of company premises and logistics appear in more detailed 3D modelling. All available system solutions − starting from RFID Kanban systems, storage systems, material management, vending machines to individual workplace solutions − are presented and simulated in an interactive way in the realistic environment. Another area in the showroom is dedicated to intelligent system solutions of near future.
The advantages of virtual reality are very clear: it is possible to reach customers and prospective customers worldwide 365 days in the year with the virtual showroom without being confined to a certain location. Any time, any place. New system solutions as well as an expanded range of products can be directly presented. It enables to keep the customers updated almost in real time. Whether via PC, smartphone or VR headsets – virtual contact is completely successful without shaking hands. This is particularly important point in this time of “social distancing”. Even if Würth Industrie Service also prefers face-to-face talks on premises as well as professional exchange at conferences, fairs and events, virtual reality offers best alternative to communicate accordingly in this time of “social distancing”. In order to increase the use of the new medium, the company offers introductory workshops to the colleagues in the course of the training “Focus on field sales – sell 4.0“. The virtual rooms are highly relevant now in digital age and will be more so in the near future. It is therefore all the more important for every company to seize this opportunity and grow with the digital challenge. One thing is certain: Würth Industrie Service is ready to actively help shape the fourth industrial revolution.

Unternehmen: Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG