The all-rounder in the compressor

Ludwigsburg, 10.08.2020 (PresseBox) – With its atmospheric discharge valves for compressors, Goetze shows that long-term success and innovation are not mutually exclusive. The series 810 and 812 have been part of the portfolio of the valve manufacturer from Ludwigsburg (Germany) for many years. Over that period, the atmospheric discharge valve has been continuously improved and adapted to the needs of the customers.
In addition to customer-specific connections for individual installation in the compressor, the brass series are particularly impressive due to their small and handy installation dimensions. Thus, highest performance can be guaranteed even in small nominal diameters. The replacement of other safety valves is thus possible without any effort and, if necessary, even with a saving of space. The full-metal construction made of robust brass prevents rust on the spring housing and thus ensures optimum protection of the compressor over the long term, even in the finest setting tolerances from 0.2 bar up to 50 bar.
A further safety feature is the so-called deflector. It ensures that when the valve responds, the air is deflected in a controlled way. It thus protects employees such as operators and assemblers, and prevents other damage in the vicinity of the compressor. And for applications with particularly high demands or for embedding in the overall appearance of the installation, the series are also available in a stainless steel version (Series 410 and 412).
In addition to being adapted to the highest customer requirements and the most varied installation options, the brass valve can be used in numerous markets thanks to a wide range of certifications. From ASME for the American market to registration in international shipbuilding registers (Lloyd’s Register EMEA, American Bureau of Shipping, Registro Italiano Navale) or certifications such as KGS and KOSHA – compressors are reliably protected with the 810 series valve worldwide.
Due to numerous customizing options, existing solutions can be ideally replaced, with variability in installation and use.

Unternehmen: Goetze KG Armaturen