Machining deep bores without vibration using indexable inserts

Aalen, 03.06.2020 (PresseBox) – During boring processes with large depths or unstable machining conditions, vibration often occurs. This vibration degrades the quality of the bore and has a negative effect on the life of the tool.
MAPAL indexable inserts with arc shaped land have proven successful at eliminating this vibration. Very good results are obtained especially during the machining of cast materials. MAPAL is now combining the technical properties of an arc shaped land with the economic advantages of pressed inserts. The result is a highly cost-effective solution for boring processes with replaceable inserts.
Indexable inserts with arc shaped land are used for example for cylinder bores, during the machining of crankshaft bearing journals, hydraulic housings or also gearboxes for wind energy converters. The arc shaped land is in contact with the bore wall during the machining process and supports the tool. This support surface minimises the vibration that occurs. The arc shaped land is comparable with the arc land chamfer on a reaming tool.

Unternehmen: MAPAL Dr. Kress KG

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