Renolab is extending its certification

Bologna, Italy, 01.06.2020 (PresseBox) – Starting from 2019, the microbiology department at Renolab is extending its certification, thus continuing the providing of pharmacodynamics (PD) services based on the relationship between the properties of new drugs and bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects.
The tests will be conducted following the standard guidelines dictated by the European Medicine Agency (EMA/CHMP/594085/2015) and the procedures described by the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (EUCAST). Parallel to the efficacy studies, Renolab is further expanding the certification for cell and molecular biology studies including genotypic characterization and genetic stability.
Renolab aims to:
Provide GLP-based services for the pharmaceutical industry
Enhance the importance of GLP-based tests in the development of studies concerning human health
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About Renolab s.r.l.
Renolab is an analysis laboratory with in-depth experience in performing analyses in accordance with GLP. The laboratory complies with the Italian Ministry of Health directives for chemical and physical characterizations, and for residue studies on agrochemicals, biocides, cosmetics, drugs, additives and other industrial chemical products. Renolab’s microbiological studies also comply with the OECD principles, European directives and Italian legislation.

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