How to get my Domain back, if a Domain Squatter has registered it?

Koeln, 31.05.2020 (PresseBox) – I see five ways to get a domain back, which you have lost.
You pay the domain to the domain squatter.
You make a complaint e.g. at WIPO according to ICANN or country code policies, if you are trademark owner.
Domain Squatters delete a caught domain in many cases after one year. Therefore you have the chance to catch your domain after one year. You can use for this purpose monitoring and backorder services.
You complain at the registry that the WHOIS data are not correct. Many registries send a letter to the registered address in order to check the WHOIS data. If nobody responds, the domain will be deleted by the registry and you have the chance to catch it with the help of a monitoring service.
You sue the current owner at a court.
Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (German)

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