Should I register a Top-Domain although Top-Domains are used by Spammers?

Koeln, 01.05.2020 (PresseBox) – There are at least three perspectives:
1. Bad reputation of the top level domain may have an influence at the reputation of your website or company.
2. But: I assume, that the evaluation of, that the Top-Domain is no 7. of “The 10 Most Abused Top Level Domains” has not become popular enough, that your name at .top will be affected
3. I want to quote my comment about a former judgement of a Spamlist concerning domains:
“Blue Coat has listed .zip as one of the very dangerous New Top Level Domains.
The domain is not yet available for the public and the only registered .zip domain is registered by Google as registry.”
I can imagine, that the fact that most Top-Domains have Chinese owners could have an effect: Many Chinese have not the same idea about spamming as usual at US or Europe. I do not want to say that this is okay, but we should understand this circumstance and think about it. I assume that the evualation of .top by Spamhaus is worse, as .top deserves.
You may ask: What is your conclusion?
If you have a project, at which the Top-Domain fits, you should not care about the evaluation by Spamhaus. If it does not fit, you should think anyway to take one of the others domain extensions.
Hans-Peter Oswald  (English) (deutsch)

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