New Polarizers and Germanium Windows for Harsh Environments

Mainz, 27.02.2020 (PresseBox) – Edmund Optics® (EO), a renowned provider of optical components, continuously expands its product offering to reflect market developments and customer needs. New products are added each month to better serve the industry. EO just released Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers and TECHSPEC® Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Germanium Windows, both of which are ideal for applications in harsh environments.
The Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers feature high extinction ratios and low insertion loss for the NIR spectrum. Additionally, they are resistant to chemical, physical, and thermal damage, making these polarizers suitable for high power applications. Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers are available in a range of standard sizes that can be customized.
TECHSPEC® Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Germanium Windows feature ≥ 90% transmission at wavelengths ranging from 8 to 11,5 µm and meet the severe abrasion requirements of MIL-C-675C. They are also designed to withstand temperature cycling from -80 to +120°C, salt solubility for a 24-hour immersion period, salt spray for a continuous 24-hour period, and 5.000 wiper oscillations in a sand and slurry mixture.
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