Jobs-Domains: Excellent opportunities for job seekers and employers

Koeln, 21.02.2020 (PresseBox) – There is a lack of specialists and experts in many countries. Newspaper’s articles have reported recently about employers in Germany, who offer 500 EUR for the candidates, who really come to the job interview.
We propose another approach to employers. Your website is the best tool to attract job seekers. Do not hide the offered jobs behind the third or fourth level, make a homepage with Jobs-Domains or Careers-Domains.
Job seekers should look for such job pages. If you want to work for Bestcompany Inc., you should type into the browser and
There a a lot of job markets at the web. You would need hundreds of hours to study all these markets at your country. You would need some months to search all job markets at the globe.
Job seekers should use a new tool: It is called Jooble . The name reminds at Google. I think this is intended. Jooble wants to be the Google for jobs.
Hans-Peter Oswald

Unternehmen: Secura GmbH

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