Lavetan Joins GBA Group – GBA Group continues Building a European Laboratory Network

Hamburg/Turnhout, 31.01.2020 (PresseBox) – The GBA Group is strengthening its European network in the field of food analysis. With the acquisition of the leading food laboratory in the Belgian market, Lavetan NV, the GBA Group continues on the path to support customers outside of Germany with expertise and high-quality service. The advantageous location of Lavetan in Turnhout, near the important transshipment ports in Antwerp and Rotterdam, provides the GBA Group access to strategically important markets in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Lavetan NV was founded in 1997 as a laboratory for analyzing food. With 80 employees, the company has taken on a leading position in the field of microbiological and serological testing in recent years, and also provides a wide range of chemical analyses. Lavetan places a strong emphasis on maintaining reliable, high-quality customer service. This is founded upon its long-term focus on digitalization and automation. In 2019, Lavetan was the first laboratory in Europe to be honored with the award “Factory of the Future.”
Steffen Walter, CEO of the GBA Group, says: “With the acquisition of Lavetan, the GBA Group is taking the first step into the important Benelux market in the field of food analysis. Further synergies will result from the high level of expertise in automaton and digitalization that Lavetan can contribute to the GBA Group. Therefore, we are looking forward to the collaboration with our Belgian colleagues!”
Jan Robrechts, Managing Director of Lavetan NV, states: “In the GBA Group, we see the ideal partner for building upon the success that Lavetan has had until now and elevating it to a new level. The combination of dynamic growth, openness for new ideas, and the dependability of a midsized company, altogether provide the best conditions for Lavetan to develop in new fields and markets. The analytical focuses of both companies complement each other perfectly, creating a strong presence on the market.”

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