Rotec launches sensor tester

Munich, 22.01.2020 (PresseBox) – The sensor tester is used to adjust Rotec speed sensors and adapter electronics and to check sensor functionality without connecting a RASdelta front-end and measurement laptop. This way, faulty or incorrectly adjusted components of the test setup can be detected and replaced at an early stage and measurement results can be improved.
Adjustment is carried out via a push-button and the touch-sensitive display. Connection to ROTEC speed sensors is possible via a standard 4-pin socket and to adapter electronics (DSA, DGADP, Laser Tachometer) via a mini 8-pin socket. Both sockets can be used simultaneously. The sensor tester is operated with an external power supply or independently of the power supply via a rechargeable battery. The sensor tester is intended for use in commercial facilities, industrial plants and research and test facilities.

Unternehmen: Vispiron Rotec GmbH

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