MONTANA on ISPO Munich 2020

Stans, 22.01.2020 (PresseBox) – MONTANA Service Robots – CRYSTAL ROCK and CRYSTAL MAGIC
See the current robots CRYSTAL ROCK and CRYSTAL MAGIC on the MONTANA booth. The new GRIPtech system is a revolution in ski service – for a precise, sharp, and durable edge. The brilliant machine concept allows for a truly individual configuration as a function of service throughput and service steps.
GRIPtech System: the revolution in preparing the side edge
The unique GRIPtech system grinds all functional areas of the ski from shovel to tail to RACE EDGE quality. This results in the maximum durability of the sharpness combined with a removal which is gentle on the material.
Best references for latest abs storage systems
MONTANA realized again unique new reference projects. They are the result of an optimal,
tailor-made planning process and economical design of the workflow. Also for Sports Rental we have New Features.  Catch up on the new products on the MONTANA booth.
New depot systems – with versatility in all dimensions
The MONTANA depot systems are designed for convenient storage and drying of ski equipment and meet every requirement profile. Be inspired by the numerous material combinations and individual design possibilities.
FUSIONTEC skins adhesion by MONTANA
FUSIONTEC is the groundbreaking skin coating from MONTANA, which will be presented for the first time at ISPO 2020 in Munich. This innovative and ingenious product sets new standards in terms of adhesive properties and handling. At the market launch, the new FUSIONTEC adhesion with the specially designed ADRENALINE skin design will be available in proven MONTAMIX quality and offer a very special snow sporting experience for ski tourers of all kinds.
the fluorine-free alternative to waxing!
Covering – not waxing: WinTheRace is a base-fluid for the preparation of surfaces of winter sport equipment. The unique coverspray consists of high molecular and super hydrophobic silicon combinations. It is applied within seconds and is absolutely non toxic and fluorine-free.
MONTANA Digital World
Experience as entrepreneur in live action how your investment is performing under optimal conditions via digital networking. The MONTANA Cockpit creates the required transparency of your processes to realize best efficiency. Thanks to the MONTANA Digital World you are able to monitor your processes in real time always and from everywhere. Preventive maintenance and automated services assure best results every day.
Our high-performance automatic base resolers impress with their split head, which ensures that the snow sports equipment aligns itself perfectly, regardless of the insertion position. The automatic base resoler P-TEX SPEEDMASTER II was specially developed for workshops that perform a lot of base repairs using a melting unit.

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