CADENAS supports Automation Designer Product Data Workflow

Augsburg, 22.01.2020 (PresseBox) – For a seamless planning process, electrical designers need manufacturer-validated, high-quality technical product data of the components used. The Automation Designer Community Portal developed by CADENAS GmbH offers electrical designers access to intelligent product data. Being already seamlessly integrated in various ECAD solutions, the digital twins of well-known component manufacturers can be embedded in the engineering workflow, most easily in 4th generation ECAD tools such as NX Electrical Design.
In order to push this development forward, CADENAS focused on intelligent engineering data, the so-called digital twin, at an early stage. For users in the field of electrical engineering, this means convenient online access to high quality, manufacturer-verified product data, which has been enriched with important detailed information in addition the pure geometry. This engineering data is available independently of the ECAD software. At present, the intelligent component data for electrical planning can already be used for NX Electrical Design, E³ Zuken and Wscad.
Component manufacturers are the backbone for seamless planning processes
By cooperating with CADENAS, manufacturers of electronic components can provide their customers with intelligent ECAD or planning data that is precisely adjusted to the needs of this target group. The data includes all important information such as pin/terminal assignments, material master data, attachment points, circuit symbols, various views, technical values, classifications or part numbers. Available online, electrical designers can insert the required components into their own ECAD system with just a few clicks. Thanks to a digital product catalog with intelligent engineering data, manufacturers of electrical components can reach around 100,000 electrical engineers worldwide and at the same time offer a valuable service: Electrical engineers prefer to select those products that are available in their engineering environment with just a few clicks and provide all the information needed for project planning. According to CADENAS surveys, about 87% of all downloaded parts data lead to sold products. After the planning phase in the ECAD system or with the release of the design, the components are directly transferred to the bill of materials (BOM) and thus to the PLM/ERP system (enterprise resource planning). The purchasing department thus receives all the information necessary for the procurement of these components.
Integrated electrical planning for mechatronic engineering
Automation Designer from Siemens Digital Industries Software enables simultaneous, parallel engineering across all disciplines involved. The basis for this mechatronic engineering approach is a common data model for mechanical, electrical and automation engineering. This results in consistent data between system planning, mechanical CAD, circuit diagrams, PLC hardware configuration, signals and PLC software. The mechatronic data model included in Automation Designer ensures consistency throughout the entire engineering process. As a result, the solution acts as a mechatronic control center and now offers NX Electrical Design, a fully integrated, full-fledged ECAD module whose data is synchronized with mechanical and automation engineering. Integrated in NX, Electrical Design includes extensive functionality for the creation of circuit diagrams and 3D cabinet design. This data model links the 2D schematic symbols and the corresponding representation in the 3D cabinet. Thus the electrical planner has consistent data at all times and the possibility to navigate between the circuit diagram and the control cabinet display.
Product data management in NX Electrical Design
NX Electrical Design manages manufacturer catalogs data within the Reuse Library. From this library, the intelligent data can be used to create the circuit diagram and the control cabinet layout. The Reuse Library can be filled directly from the Automation Designer Community Portal. Being integrated seamlessly into the NX Electrical Design user interface, one can certainly speak of an optimal integration of the Automation Designer Community Platform into the electrical design workflow.
Find product data instead of searching
Via web browser, the user gains access to the Automation Designer Community Portal, which is based on CADENAS‘ PARTcommunity technology. Starting from an overview of all available manufacturer catalogs, electrical components can be selected using search and filter functions. This selection can then be transferred to the NX Reuse Library. The standard eCl@ss Advanced is used for the data exchange of intelligent engineering data of the manufacturer catalogs.
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