A positive result in Fashion Concept GmbH’s annual financial statements and net profit

Mannheim, 20.01.2020 (lifePR) – Fashion Concept GmbH continues on the road to success: the company closed 2019 with a net profit of over 400 percent and increased its revenue eightfold to 2.3 million euros.
Fashion Concept GmbH continues to enjoy growth and good business. In international trade, the GmbH achieved sales growth of around 667 percent last year alone.
Especially in the exclusive high fashion business, demand is above average. The main reason for this breakthrough is the cooperation with Jeremy Meeks. Fashion Concept GmbH was not only able to win the American star model Jeremy Meeks as brand ambassador, but also established its own brand together with Meeks. The new collection is already prepared; trademark and patent rights are secured. The Jeremy Meeks collection will be launched in February 2020.
In addition to Jeremy Meeks, the brands Jimmy Sanders and Auden Cavill also belong to the portfolio of Fashion Concept GmbH. By using sustainable materials and encouraging investment in new technologies, the company aims to ensure the long-term availability of environmentally friendly fashion. The ambitious Fashion Concept GmbH has several designers under contract. It has a broad distribution network and is particularly committed to fashion. The preparation of the new Boris Becker collection is also in full swing.
Another reason for profitability is the sales strategy. 80% of Fashion Concept GmbH’s turnover is generated from the B2B business. The products are sold online with well-known wholesalers, such as the Zalando Group and Brands4Friends, worldwide. Within a very short time, a significant network of more than 40 distribution partners in over 30 countries was thus established.
Fashion Concept GmbH is expecting another high-growth year. Not only the upcoming Hollywood career of Jeremy Meeks and the associated brand popularity will be decisive for this, but also further talks and deals with world-famous faces will further boost the successful course.

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