KECKcontrol: Precise Visitor Tracking – and GDPR-compliant

Weil der Stadt, 19.12.2019 (PresseBox) – The latest KECK SOLUTIONS tool was presented to the public for the first time at the TechXperience trade show. KECKcontrol enables an extremely precise tracking of visitor behavior during a temporary event such as a trade show or congress, or it can also be permanently installed in a showroom or store.
The digitalization of the event industry creates numerous innovation cycles with new technological solutions for both events and conferences.  At the EventTech conference in Ingelheim am Rhein (Germany), trade show and event managers were able to learn more about many of these innovations. A highlight: KECKcontrol.
For the TechXperience, KECK installed the detection sensors in the large hall at the KING Congress Center. This allowed the conference attendees to experience the functionality and statistics of the KECKcontrol digital tool. In comparison to other technological possibilities of WiFi- or Bluetooth-based visitor tracking, KECKcontrol convinces through its complete and quick collection with a recording accuracy of 98% while retaining the anonymity of all persons. Therefore, the system is 100% GDPR-compliant and does not require any approval by the attendees.
For customers, the potential for success lies both in the immediate analysis and reaction, which already occurs during the event as well as in the final analysis and preparation of a follow-up event. This has been confirmed by the initial usages under standard market conditions.
Background information:
In December 2018, KECK expanded its spectrum of services in the area of LIVE communication and scenography through the implementation of digital solutions that support customers in the organization of global brand staging. Under the name KECK SOLUTIONS, the digital applications KECKprio ensure an efficient project management, KECKlive ensures efficient event communication, and KECKeasy a simplified exhibit management. With KECKcontrol, customers now have a tool for controlling their events and increasing their future success.
Markus Futterer, Managing Partner of the KECK GROUP, sees the digitalization of the event industry as a great opportunity for efficiency and growth. Moving forward, KECK will continue to intensively deal with the promising possibilities for its customers.

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