SOLAR PAKISTAN: Accelerating Pakistan’s Energy Transformation

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– Solar energy is the most competitively priced technology worldwide and leads the renewable electricity capacity growth.
– Pakistan experiences significant industrial development along with a crippling energy crisis relying heavily on fossil resources. 
– SOLAR PAKISTAN is the only dedicated solar energy exhibition and conference in Pakistan with more than 10,000 visitors and 150 national and international exhibitors from across the value chain.  
Pakistan is a developing country that has experienced massive growth and industrial development in recent years. With an increasing energy demand of more than 9% annually and a heavy dependency on fossil resources, Pakistan is dedicated to diversifying its energy mix with 28-30% renewables by 2030[1].
Solar energy has emerged as the most competitively priced technology and leads the renewable electricity capacity growth worldwide. With the sunny geographical location as well as political commitment, national, international, public and private investments, solar energy have the biggest potential to support Pakistan’s energy demand.
In the past five years, six solar energy projects with a total capacity of 418 MW went into operation, equaling an increase of more than 90%. Net metering solutions came into effect in 2015 with a targeted growth of 3000 MW in the coming years.  The vast possibilities and political dedication attract investors as well as international grants. Among others, World Bank has committed 100 million USD to develop 400 MW of new solar power projects and enable the commercial provision of residential solar systems for 200,000 households[2].
SOLAR PAKISTAN is the only trade fair in Pakistan entirely dedicated to solar energy. The 9th edition will take place from 19 to 21 March 2020 at Lahore Expo Centre, offering 9,000 sqm for exhibitors to display their products to an estimated 10,000 visitors. Under the umbrella of Joint Forces for Solar, a joint booth with leading international solar energy companies at prime location will give local and international stakeholders the opportunity to network, exchange on latest technologies and foster business partnerships to further develop the solar energy industry in Pakistan.
On day two of the exhibition, a full-day workshop will inform on recent developments and future opportunities of Pakistan’s solar industry. Speakers from research organizations, leading global companies and the national government authorities will share their perspectives and insights for all visitors interested in a comprehensively informative session. In an exclusive half-day session taking place on 21 March, visitors can look beyond Pakistan into neighboring market Afghanistan and get insight into the regional potential of solar energy.   
The exhibition will attract key industry leaders, government officials, manufacturers, suppliers, traders, contractors and partners from across the globe. It will highlight the latest innovations in the solar and sustainable energy field by offering a unique platform to forge partnerships between public and private sectors to develop innovative solutions. Be part of activating new markets and accelerating solar energy in Pakistan – save the date: 19 to 21 March, 2020 at Lahore Expo Centre in Pakistan.
[1] ARE Policy 2019, Version 2 – July 21, 2019. Alternative Energy Development Board, Pakistan
[2] The World Bank, Sindh Solar Energy Project, June 14, 2018 
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