Metal processing on a new level

Groß-Umstadt, 16.12.2019 (PresseBox) – In modern production workshops the machine performance alone is no longer close to being the sole deciding factor for production efficiency and quality. Rather it is the complex networking of modular software systems, high performance machine technology and applications oriented Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). It is good when enterprises such as Messer Cutting Systems GmbH from Groß-Umstadt offer all these solutions from one source and thus show already today how the future of metalworking might look.
Premieres are always exciting – for the public as well as for those presenting their latest offerings. So the first night nerves at Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in Groß-Umstadt must have been correspondingly high as they raised the symbolic curtain on their premiere show at the three day Technology Days at the end of October: There the experts presented a completely newly developed cutting solution, appropriate for the up to date generation of the machine control “Global Control” as well as two new compact cutting systems TerraBladeD and SmartBlade. As software and networking enjoy the same priority at Messer as the development of equipment, the company also set course with future oriented applications.
New Technology, smartly controlled
Sometimes a cosmetic model update is not enough to win customers: “So we have created an up to date generation of equipment which now offer our customers more options to tailor any cutting process to fit their individual requirements perfectly” stressed Oliver Friz, Managing Director of Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in Groß-Umstadt. For good measure the latest technology is embedded in all components – for increased productivity, improved cutting quality and shorted cycle times.
The Human Machine Interface has an essential influence on this functionality. As Smartphones and other gesture controlled terminals are, quite literally, in everybody’s hands it was obvious to the developers to integrate this operating philosophy in the new generation of the machine control “Global Control”.
“It was our aim to make the entire cutting process easier and more reproducible. Whoever has already worked with the previous Global Control, will instantly find their way around the new HMI. At the same time, we have added many new features, which make the entire operation more intuitive and reliable and thus facilitate a fast familiarisation for the new user. Amongst other features, we have packaged the complete production task from initial order through the production process right up to quality assurance into the operation without overloading the operator interface or asking too much of the operator”, explained Ingo Göller, CTO Global at Messer Cutting Systems.
Compact cutting times twos
Whoever does not have much space in their production hall but does not wish to forego the advantages of Messer cutting systems will be helped by two up to date models: thanks to their compact construction, the TerraBladeD and SmartBlade are suitable for the smaller factory which wants to work with plasma or oxyfuel technology, or with a combination of both – and that with a minimum maintenance load and perfect cutting performance. “With the TerraBladeD we want to make the entry into our cutting technology even more attractive. As the TerraBladeD opens the path to low cutting costs per part with minimum capital investment and low operating costs”, amplified Abraham Balendran, Product Manager MCS Europe.
Whoever is satisfied with pure plasma applications and who has to supply exactly cut parts, maybe even with complex contours, will have made the right choice with the SmartBlade. Here, too, the emphasis is on compact, space saving construction without neglecting efficiency promoting virtues such as anti-collision devices or extended consumable life.
Everything digital, everything flows
For the machines to be integrated smoothly into the customer’s workflow, Messer offers a modular software solution, which can be configured to match all shades of requirements.
“Our software portfolio makes possible a completely digitised production process right down to the machine and back. This creates transparency and increases the productivity”, thus Roger Kilian-Kehr, CDO Global at Messer Cutting Systems.
The close linking of ERP systems and the CAD/CAM solutions of the Messer cutting systems make it easier for the user to increase his total productivity though a plus in transparency. “And indeed, thanks to usable data, the entire productivity can be evaluated objectively. So if necessary appropriate adjustments can be made to ensure that production is always at the highest level. Where gut feelings once decided, today qualified data opens for most companies enormous optimisation potential”, amplifies Roger Kilian-Kehr.
Fully automatic loading and unloading
Economy does not depend solely on the cutting performance of a machine: Set-up times can often undermine the efficiency of a process. “To use the available cutting capacity to the optimum, the workflow with the feed of raw material on the one hand and the removal of the cut nest on the other must be optimised. Our PlasmaFLEX, the fully automatic loading and unloading of plasma cutting machines, does exactly that, in that it simplifies production cycles thus optimising productivity”, states Ingo Staudinger, Product Manager Material Handling & Laser at MCS. What is more, the system is modularly constructed and can grow with increasing demands – whether with a storage tower, multiple machine feeding or automated sorting and stacking of individual parts.
Service goes App
If a machine should break down then fast help is required. For this, Messer offer “Visual Service”: Using an App and, if desired, with remote goggles, many service problems can be clarified in real time and, in the ideal case, solved directly “live”. “The interaction of all our technologies, soft- and hardware solutions and services creates a decisive added value for our customers to achieve a firm place in their tough, competitive market”, thus Oliver Friz. The chance to use this was taken up over the three technology days by a total of over 400 enthusiastic visitors from the whole of Europe.

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