Zoot Enterprises wins „Best Technology Partner“ at 2019 Lending Awards

Leeds, UK / Frankfurt, Germany / St Gallen, Switzerland / Bozeman, USA, 12.12.2019 (PresseBox) – Zoot is proud to announce the results of the 2019 Lending Awards, where it was named “Best Technology Partner – Risk, Regulation and Compliance.” The highly prestigious Lending Awards recognise excellence and innovation in credit risk assessment in consumer, commercial and residential lending.
Zoot’s award-winning lending solutions significantly improve the customer journey and enable smarter decisions through access to better data, faster policy changes and full configurability. Zoot’s solutions uniquely enable clients – in near real-time – to control all components of the lending process, including CRA calls, database queries, application policy, system and service provider interfaces as well as front-end and back-end web screens. With Zoot, clients can quickly react to their market and rapidly access new data.
“We are very excited to be named as the best technology partner,” commented Adam Jackson, Zoot’s Managing Director. “It’s wonderful to have the Credit Strategy Lending Awards experts recognise the value we are bringing to our clients.”
Key modules of the Zoot solution include:
A dynamic customer-facing application portal with field validation to optimise the accuracy and completeness of application information.
Connections to aggregators connections made from within the solution. Connect new aggregators in hours and manage the interfaces from within the platform.
Application-level rules and sophisticated scoring to enable early removal of unsuitable applications. Monitor and configure rules in real-time from within the solution toolset.
Complete third party CRA connections for consumer credit, affordability, fraud and AML data. Lenders have the ability to add new data sources from within the solution toolset.
Complex yet agile rules and scoring within sophisticated risk, fraud, AML and affordability strategies.
Clients using Zoot’s solutions are able to implement a new data provider in one day and a SMS service provider in two hours. Materially changing a scorecard takes one to two hours, while changing score cut-offs – including four-eye authorisation, updating rules and building custom attributes from raw CRA data takes less than five minutes.
“We strive to combine the best people with the best technology in order to provide our clients with the best service,” commented, Erik Schmidt, Zoot’s European CEO. “I am honoured that our work is also receiving recognition from the wider industry.”

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