Spices in Highest Quality Thanks to Product Inspection

Schönberg, 06.12.2019 (PresseBox) – Spices like cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, curcuma, ginger, coriander, aniseed and cumin all come from India, and especially for Christmas baking such spices are absolutely essential ingredients. To ensure that these spices that give cookies and gingerbread their taste are free of metallic contaminations, many spice producers and processors in India use product inspection systems.
Sesotec is one of the leading suppliers of machines and systems for contaminant detection and material sorting, and for the Sesotec subsidiary in India it was a highlight in 2019 to receive the „Spice Icon of the Year“ award at the „Global Spice Summit and Excellence Award“ event. Sesotec India was granted this award in recognition of its innovative solutions that make it possible for spice producers and processors to comply with international quality standards, and in appreciation of the training courses they provide for the nationwide spice industry.
The managing director of Sesotec India, Makarand Mandke, received the award from the patron of the event, Mahashay Dharampal, a businessman highly decorated by the government of India and owner of „MAHASHIAN DI HATTI (MDH)“, one of the most renowned spice companies in India. It was a great honour for Makarand Mandke to receive the award from his hands.
Building of extensive know-how
For many years Makarand Mandke and his employees have visited lots of plants of spice producers and processors in India and in neighbouring countries, and in all their visits they could see that these customers have a great demand for quality assurance solutions. Many of them were looking for good contaminant inspection systems that would allow them to guarantee the purity of their products, prevent contaminations, and observe quality standards throughout the complete production process. Reliable customer service is another important criterion for spice producers and processors.
With detailed tests at customer plants, tests in the technical laboratory, and analyses Sesotec India continuously has made great efforts to meet all the requirements. By interacting with all the persons involved in spice production and processing, and with the support of the technical team at the Sesotec headquarters in Germany/Bavaria, they managed to provide innovative solutions for the spice industry that feature top-class technology and highest cost efficiency. Many of the leading customers and exporters now benefit from customised Sesotec solutions. 

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